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Badumile Dlamini - Badumile Beads

Badumile Dlamini

Founder/CEO @ Badumile Beads

Badumile Beads is an independent business based in the Umlazi Township outside of Durban in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Known as the Zulu Kingdom, KZN is home to some of South Africa’s richest cultural heritage. Inspired by the region’s arts and crafts culture and her need to generate a sustainable income to support her family, Badumile Dlamini established her company Badumi Beads in 2007 Badumile’s vision for Badumi Beads is to establish a brand that is recognized as a leading supplier of authentic handmade products with a unique fusion of traditional art and contemporary designs. Being based in a community where most of the population is unemployed and struggles to earn a sustainable income, Badumi Beads currently offers beadwork training courses to members of the Umlazi township community that are unemployed and struggle to support their families. She hopes to one day establish a training centre offering beadwork courses to the unemployed to aid in skill development and job creation opportunities within her community.

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