Bonolo Moloi

Bonolo Moloi

Bonolo Moloi

Founder @ Noli GoddessCreations

Noli Goddess is a jewellery design brand that is inspired and influenced by beautiful African women. Founded by Bonolo Moloi in 2017, the brand represents women who embrace being African and women who see beauty that is not defined by societal pressure or stereotypical expectations. Noli Goddess has statement accessories that are authentic, bold and vibrant just for women who want to stand out and be unique. These accessories are handmade from different techniques from weaving and crocheting to wiring. Bonolo Moloi the founder of Noli, is a qualified interior designer and has always been passionate about creating things with her hands. Inspired by her upbringing and love for bold statement pieces, Bonolo embarked on a journey of jewellery design that birthed the brand. She used to make jewellery for herself and her friends until she saw the growth in demand and took the plunge. Noli Godess is a member Proudly South African Group. She has received orders from a big retailer like Big Blue and attracted the attention of the Edcon group to use their statement neckpieces at the Proudly South African Fashion Showcase. Bonolo was chosen out of hundreds of applicants to be one 40 Design Indaba Emerging Creatives for 2019.

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